Now that Ramadan is over, I can safely say I have tried almost every tent/buffet/set menu that Dubai has to offer (around 20 to be more exact). A few places remain on my list for next year (Majlis at Madinat Jumeirah *cough cough*) but here are my top 3 picks for this year:


1. Tresind at Nassima Royal Hotel


Type: Set Menu

Price: 150 AED ++

The set menu included:

Amuse Bouche/ Pre-Starters: Date candy (Yes, the dates were wrapped in candy that actually pops in your mouth, points for creativity), Za’atar Focaccia, Hummus, Stuffed Olives and Sweet Peppers, Dragon Fruit Chaat, Salad Canapé)

Kebab Platter: Lamb chops, chicken seekh kebab, tandoor prawn, wagyu boti kebab (My favourites: Lamb Chops, Wagyu Boti Kebab)

Biryani Selection: Lamb, Chicken, Prawn

Curry Selection: Butter Chicken, Kerala Fish Moilee, Rajasthani Lal Maas


Dessert: Mithai Thali, Paan Candy Floss


Yes, this may seem like a lot of food, and it was. But most importantly, it was good food. You can also order seconds from whatever you liked.

Service: Superb, even though everyone is being served at the same time, this did not affect the quality nor speed of service at Tresind

I actually went to Tresind for iftar twice because of how much I liked it!

2. Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek


Type: Buffet

Price: 155 AED

Buffets in my opinion are quite tricky, you’re compromising quality when your quantity is overdone. There are two main reasons why I preferred Hyatt Regency’s buffets over the other countless buffets I went to this Ramadan, the first being their service. Their service was on point throughout our time there, whether it be with cleaning up dishes as we went to get more food or with getting us anything we needed. The second reason why I liked this buffet was that the quantity was just right, not too little to leave you wanting more flavors but also not too much that it compromised the quality of the food being served.

Their buffet included a soup station, salad station, mana’eesh and pastry station, lamb & rice, Indian, Moroccan, Mexican and Spanish dishes.

My favorites: The steak and lamb chop station!

3. Anise at Intercontinental Festival City


Photo credit to @dining.dfc

Type: Buffet

Price: 215 AED

Anise is probably the biggest Iftar buffet available in Dubai for Ramadan. They have everything, Shawarma, Pizza, Sushi, Asian, Arabic, you name it, Anise has it! It is also the only buffet that is open from iftar to 10.30 pm, usually other places close by 9.30 pm maximum. Their food was good given the crowd and quantities, but what they lacked in my opinion was good service. The service was absolutely horrible, right from the moment of us getting seated to us having to beg the waiter to clear out our table every time we got new dishes. The manager was quite nice and friendly, but unfortunately Anise has a long way to go in terms of service before it can rise up to number 1 on this list.



Ramadan’s Best Iftars @ DXB

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