If you’re one with a sweet tooth, this article is for you! Here you will find my top spots in Dubai for milk or “Tres Leches” cake, one of my favourite desserts!

Now, before I reveal my top spots for Milk Cake in Dubai, I want to give some background on what it actually is, where it came from and what milk cake actually contains.

According to the majority of articles and research that I read, Tres Leches is South American in nature, Mexican to be very specific. Originally, Torta de leche is cake batter poured into a pan of sweetened scalded milk, baked and served floating in its milk sauce. More recently, pastel de tres leches is made of three main elements: a cake soaked in sweet milk, topped with whipped cream or some form of meringue.

Some people say that milk cake might taste a bit weird, but what I personally love about it is the sweetness and softness that literally just melts in your mouth.

My top 5 spots for milk cake in Dubai are (not in order of preference):

1) Gossip Cafe & DessertsLocated in Box Park, this cafe is small but cute. I love their Rose Milk Cake, which is also one of their most famous desserts

Location: Boxpark, Al Wasl


2) L’eto CaffeThis has been a favourite of mine ever since I was in London, when they moved to the Middle East, they also added a Saffron milk cake to the list, but my favourite will still be their original milk cake. Make sure to order it early on because they tend to run out very quickly

Location: City Walk II


3) PeyoteThis quickly became one of my favourites because of the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that it came with. Not only that, it also had milk ice cream and red berry jam. The perfect end to a dinner meal

Location: Gate Village DIFC


4) WakaTheir tres leches was perfect and I think it is the closest version of the original Milk Cake as it came with the 3 milks sauce

Location: The Oberoi Hotel, Business Bay


IMG_1849 (1)

5) Home BakeryAlthough their Galleria Mall location is a bit small, it is totally worth the visit for their milk cake!

Location: Galleria Mall, Al Wasl

Image result for home bakery milk cake

Photo courtesy of homebakery.ae



Top 5 Milk Cakes in DXB

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